Data Shredder for iOS® Enterprise

Based on the renowed iShredder and Data Shredder technolgies that have won numerous awards, the new Enterprise edition is a solution to meet your needs.

Data Shredder for iOS® Enterprise Edition

The solution was made to fit the needs and security policies of every recycling company, mobile hardware reseller, leasing company, lost-property office, large enterprise or organization.

The Enterprise edition of Data Shredder for iOS® will completely wipe multiple iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch at a time. Once the secure erasing process is complete, it automatically installs a clean version of Apple iOS®, leaving the device in „like new“ condition. It generates a state-of- the-art deletion report (audit report) to certify the data has been securely erased.

The software - available for Mac & Windows - comes with 18 certified deletion algorithms surpasses international standard used by state and military organization in secure deletion such as DoD 5220.22-M E, US Air Force (AFSSI-5020), DoD 5220.22-M ECE, BSI-2011- VS, CSEC ITSG-06, NATO Standard, HMG InfoSec No.5, DoD 5220.22 SSD and others.

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