Protectstar Mobile Security Award

As the first IT security company worldwide, Protectstar™ examined and tested mobile solutions in comprehensive and intensive security tests.
With special developed test procedures for mobile solutions like smartphones, mobile phones, PDAs and handhelds, Protectstar™ reviews by an comprehensive security test. We examine these products concerning security, performance, practical relevance and user-friendliness.
Mobile solutions, which are able to meet the demands and pass our test procedures with distinction, are honoured by the "Protectstar™ Mobile Security AWARD".

You can download the relevant test reports as PDF-file:

  • Bang & Olufsen / Samsung - SERENE

    Date: 7 April 2006
    Product: Bang & Olufsen / Samsung
    Manufacture: SERENE
    Operating System: OS from Samsung

    The SERENE passed all of the test procedures very successfully.
    One positive aspect worth mentioning is that all security settings in the SERENE are already activated in the default configuration, a clear indication that Bang & Olufsen and Samsung place high priority on security as much as on design, quality, and usability.
    The SERENE™ 's aesthetic design and motor-driven opening mechanism are innovative and eye-catching. There is no other mobile phone on the market that captures so much attention.

    Download: ps-boserene-e.pdf
  • Nokia - 9500 Communicator

    Date: 19 July 2005
    Product: 9500 Communicator
    Manufacture: Nokia
    Operating System: Symbian 8.0

    The Nokia9500 Communicator has passed the test series with a very positive result.
    This is an excellently equipped mobile telephone with an integrated organiser fit for everyday use. The good manufacturing quality, long battery life, and modern high-performance technology will especially appeal to business users.
    The security problem concerning IPv6 should be addressed and remedied as soon as possible.

    Download: nokia9500com.pdf